Global English is a Competitive Advantage

  A recent study by the global communication software specialists at Global English, shows that 70% of the employees in the top 1000 global businesses are not native english speakers.  And among those who speak english, only 7% feel fully fluent. Our non-native english speakers are often too polite and sometimes too insecure to say so, but trying to understand native-speakers is a … [Read more...]

The Single Most Important Leadership Characteristic

Can you make everyone around you look smarter? Many years ago, I worked with TV/Film director Peter Miner. Peter was truly a master at coaxing brilliance from the mediocre. Everyone loved working with Peter. Nobody cared when overtime was required or when a second, third, or twenty third take was called. We didn't care because every additional take was focused on making us all look even … [Read more...]

How to Communicate Project Milestones

Nobody likes surprises at work. If you are managing a large project such as ERP, a new business model roll-out or a post merger re-org, your stakeholders are probably wondering "What is going to happen to me, and when is it going to happen?"  Can you answer these questions? Deployment Planning is the process of figuring out which groups of people will receive which changes to roles, processes … [Read more...]

The Truth About Why ERP Projects Fail

  A 2010 study by the Standish Group revealed that 60% of ERP projects fail in some measure and 33% fail catastrophically. What is interesting about this (other than the riveting horror of millions spent repeatedly for naught) is that while the reasons for these failures are known, finite and consistent, most ERP projects continue to fall like lemmings into these same traps year in and … [Read more...]

Lenovo CIO Behind Gold Medal Performance

According to last month's Businesss Standard Magazine, "Lenovo Group Ltd is on track to overtake Hewlett-Packard Co (HP) as the world’s biggest PC maker by sales as soon as this year, making it the first Chinese company to grab the top spot globally in a technology sector." And Lenovo's CIO, Xiaoyan Wang has everything to do with this. You may recall that in 2009, Lenovo bought IBM's PC … [Read more...]


Work-life balance and the quest to reduce stress are all good. But ... For my money, I won’t leave home without a good dose of obsession. For me it is a natural outcome of being passionate, results oriented, focused and caring. It goes hand in hand with being a high wattage person. I am grateful when my obsessive side kicks in because it pushes me to care about the details, to push past my … [Read more...]

Off the Bar Stool on Yahoo X Factor

Kaihan Krippendorf (say that three times fast) thinks Marissa Mayer should go after Yahoo customers like bar pick ups. Who the heck is Kaihan Krippendorf you might ask? In case you've not yet heard of Kaihan, he is the author of this week's FastCompany article The X Factor That Will Determine Marissa Mayer's Success At Yahoo. He is also an ex-McKinsey strategist. And he is way wrong about … [Read more...]

The Tyranny of Too Much on the Plate

Have you noticed that you play with your food when there is too much on your plate?   We've become not just OC consumers but OC proliferators. We have too many electronic devices, too many cars, too many toys, too much food, too much media-in-the-face. We create too much garbage, too many tweets, texts and posts and our children have too many after school commitments and in school … [Read more...]

Tapscott Wisdom

Wikinomics by Don Tapscott was brilliant.  Don just gave the convocation address to the class of 2012 at INSEAD. This time he saves the brilliance for the end. For the meat scroll down to Don Tapscott's Seven Imperatives for Highly Successful Business Revolutionaries. It is now on the wall in front of my desk. Here is my summary of the nuggets that stood out for me: Be a leader not a manager. … [Read more...]

ERP Projects Lead to Revenue Loss

If you are considering ERP, take your time. Many ERP projects not only end up exceeding their allocated budgets, just as often, they lead to significant revenue loss due to a decline in core business productivity. In case you think I am being a Chicken Little please consider the data. A recent IDC survey shows that the negative impact of business disruptions attached to ERP modifications is … [Read more...]